Poetry by Krystal Lambert

pale joy

dear somber and sorrow

stop sleeping on my doorstep

stop sinking my heart

oh pale joy

a ghost of your old self

stop haunting my smile

dear lonely, dear longing

let yourself out

and leave the keys

oh quiet suffering

softly crying in my ear

you’ve got to let me be

dear darkest of despairs

you’ve nearly swallowed me whole

so now i’m asking you to go


i found you in a nursery,


curled up behind a rocking chair

and there i left you

until I saw you in a garden,


naming every last strawberry

you wouldn’t look me in the eye

so i chased you through a ballroom,


i couldn’t see through such thick lace

and i lost you in the waltz

but, dear one,

i only want you close to my heart,


for lovers

clothe me in clover

dote on me darling

pour out passion to the ends of me

lace me in laurels

find me in thorns

and whisper why you would worship me

drape me in jewels

till my heart is heavy

breathe of beasts and baubles and beauty

wrap me in worth

torture me in tenderness

crown me in color

love me in lavender

that i might not find my heart in ashes

another spring

i heard the sound of something fragile falling

that brief moment when everyone holds their breath

the fearful silence makes the crash only that much louder

stop holding your breath so I can break quietly

maybe on a tuesday while everyone’s at work

i’ll fall apart in my own arms while no one’s looking

i’ll console myself and commiserate alone.

if i let you in the door then i’ll name you lover

call you on the phone just to hear you stammer

buy a plot for us both to sleep in winter

when everything green dies.

but the spring’s making promises it cannot keep

saying “this time it will be you”

and that willow outside my window’s weeping

i heard his heart break into a thousand pieces

last night while i was sleeping.


how pretty do I have to be

how many smiles do I have to force

how funny, how witty, how charming

before you find love in me?

I’ve worn all the right things

said all the right words

made a spectacle of my heart

can you not feel a thing for me?

would you have me quote more scripture

spout more poetry, wax philosophically,

would you have me be a little more deep

before you see virtue in me?

somehow my hands are tied

trying to be the girl of your dreams

what more could I possibly be

for you to be a man and love me?

for both of us

last night I started givin’ up

by tomorrow I’ll be done

done pretending you’re the one

i thought for sure by now

you’d call me your love

but I can’t love enough for both of us

this morning I started waking up

maybe someday I’ll be done

scratching your name off my heart

pulling my heart off my sleeve

cause’ I can’t love enough for both of us

i thought for sure by now

you’d call me your bride

but i have yet to see love abide


there is no me

there is only You

thief of my heart

catcher of my tears

keeper of my will

Savior of my soul

i am but a mirror

for You to see Yourself in

there is no mine

there is only Yours

captor of my dreams

creator of my flesh

thinker of my thoughts

redeemer of my sins

You put this diamond in the rough

so only You could see it

there is no identity

there is only reflection

Love has made a way

You are glowing and it knocks me off my feet

You are beaming and i have to squint to see

all my life and lives before me,

no one has felt so completely free

there was a promise that You were alive

but i would scarcely hope until i met Your eyes

it felt like a myth for so long

a dream so good i couldn’t let myself dream on

and with my waking eyes i see Your glory

and with my human skin i feel impossible peace

your spirit stirs inside me

ready to be reunited with His trinity

all time has passed and all clocks are gone

earth has fallen to silence as heaven begins her song

of how “creation returns to her Creator”

and how “ Love has made a way”

Ode to Zach

i asked God

to empty out my heart

pour it all out into a flask.

i asked God

to fill my heart alone

that no man ought take His place.

but you are sticking to the sides

holding on for dear life

my heart won’t be emptied of this one last memory

an awkward embrace on a solemn balcony.

temple of bones

Under my skin

beneath my breath

beside my bed You are

counting my dreams;

feathers for wings

You fashion for me.

I cannot fathom how far

your forgiveness cleans.

From dirt I come

and dirt I deserve,

still You place me on a throne

in your very home.

You build your temple

among my bones.

Within my flesh

despite my filth

You place Your Spirit

among the wreckage.

You have made holy

what was hopeless.

Before my hands

wrote poetry

Your hands

were pierced for me.

Copyright 2010 Krystal Lambert


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