Doxa 4 Published

Nebraska Christian College is pleased to announce the release of Doxa volume 4.  Doxa 4 was published in the fall of 2013.  It features fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and artwork by Christian undergraduate students across America.  From the introduction:Edited Cover

This issue, as its cover illustrates, encourages us to look up, to see beyond the temporary chaos and cruelty that come when people resolve not to serve God and His glory, bent on their own glory, or that of some finite being or entity.  People can pollute pristine rivers and meadows, enslave nations, burn books, smash stained glass windows, abuse and destroy other people, even abuse and destroy themselves.  Such aberrations will prove to be mere temporary diseases of the ultimate glory and peace that God has created.  Made in His image, we can rejoice in Him, embrace His reign, and nurture His love and healing in our communities; we can repudiate mediocrity and selfishness and plunge into His presence, His purpose, and the certain perfection He will bring “in the fullness of time.”  These artists, by word and image encourage us to “look up” and embrace that glory!

Paperback copies of Doxa 4 are available for $7, or in bundles of 10 for $6 each.  Please contact Dr. Bob Milliken at or 402-935-9400.


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