Poetry by Hannah Johnson

A Name

Earth gathered and life breathed through a soul.
Man created.
Speaking to the deceased,
“Lazarus, come forth!”
Sacrifice that lives again.
A name, yet not so plain a name.
The sound of water over sand,
so clean and bright and out of hand.
Rushing forth to break a dam,
the same in us did God the Lamb.
Growing strong like flowers abloom
to love, be loved, and all consume.
The name of God,
unwavering in might,
is sweet to His child as day turns to night.
So a name, yet not so plain a name
is all one needs to take your blame.

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Poetry by Alex Keener

Eyes of the Cynic

When humanity looks unto the sky,
All stars their eyes reflect understanding;
The greatest of us knowledge hold most high,
And minds expand, universe closer bring.
All the world’s heart is locked within a cage,
Shackled within the cynic’s clouded eyes.
The kings and queens and leaders of the age
Deny their Lord, who did all things devise.
The One who rules all must be over all;
A hand in everything, but ‘throned above,
Shrouded from the Universe since the Fall.
Though He’s unseen, the cosmos bleeds His Love.
O Lord, may our eyes meet across the veil,
And may Your Wisdom over ours prevail.
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