Doxa 6 Published

Nebraska Christian College is pleased to announce the release of Doxa volume 6, Fall 2015. It features the fiction, poetry, essays, and artwork from the experiences and imaginations of undergraduate students from across America. From the introduction:Doxa 6

The scripture for this issue [Habakkuk 2:12-14], as the cover illustrates, encourages us to remember God’s kingdom, when peace and the knowledge of God will fill the earth “as the waters cover the sea.” Some places in nature, like the cover photo, exude the perfection and serenity God will soon bring in Christ’s glorious Return. Till then, God has commissioned us to His “labor of love” till His will might be done everywhere “on earth as it is in Heaven.”

Paperback copies of Doxa 6 are available for $10, or in bundles of 10 for $7.50 each. Please contact Dr. Bob Milliken at, or 402-935-9400.


Opening of 2015 Summer Submissions Period

With the school year coming to an end, summer plans are ready to take off!  For you undergraduate students, we hope one of those plans will be to take advantage of Doxa‘s summer submissions period, and send in a literary project or art collection you might not have had time to during this last semester.  From June 1 through August 31 we will be accepting entries under the same guidelines listed here—only the due date is different.

Please e-mail all submissions or questions to

All submissions must be received by August 31, 2015.

Cover Photo for Doxa 2015 By Debbie Pedersen

Cover Photo for Doxa 2015
By Debbie Pedersen

Cover Art Competition 2015 Winner

The period of deliberation is over, and Doxa is pleased to announce the winner of this year’s cover art competition, and release the image of its 2015 journal—congratulations to Debbie Pedersen!

Debbie Pedersen 1_3

By Debbie Pedersen

The votes were close on many of these photographs, and we would like to share a number of our honorable mentions below, so you, too, can enjoy some of the marvelous beauty that was shared with us this year.  We are grateful to every artist who participated, and to all who are using their talents for God’s glory.  Some of the best of 2015:

By Samantha Backhuus

By Samantha Backhuus

To view more work by this artist, click here.

— – —

By Sarah Dabney

By Sarah Dabney

— – —

By Sarah Hansen

By Sarah Hansen

To view more work by this artist, click here.

— – —

"Norway" By Kay Gray

By Kay Gray

To view more work by this artist, click here.

— – —

Thank You, God, for showing us Your glory and love through Your breathtaking creation.  And thank you, photographers, for using your gifts to capture moments of that glory and bring it to others.  Until next year!

Cover Art Competition 2015

We were so pleased with the results of last year’s cover art competition, and are excited to announce the kickoff of this year’s. This is an open photography competition for anyone of any age, and will determine the cover of 2015’s issue of Doxa.  Last year’s winner and honorable mentions can be seen here.

While the artwork within the pages of Doxa can only be published in black and white, we request that color photos be submitted for the competition.  Photographs must be at least 300 dpi resolution to be usable.  The winning picture will be selected by the editors of the journal.

To enter a photo for consideration, please e-mail it as a .jpeg to, along with your name and mailing address, so that the winner of the competition may receive a free copy of the journal in which he or she is published.  The deadline for submissions to this competition will be April 30th.

Call for Submissions 2015

Submissions have now opened for this year’s issue of Doxa, to be published in the fall.  The deadline for entries will be April 30, 2015.  The editors welcome material from any college undergraduates.  (For more submission criteria, please look under the “Submit” page.)  We accept submissions of:




Artwork (black and white photography and drawing)

A $100 award will be given for the editors’ choice of the top submission in each category.

Please send all submissions or questions to

All submissions must be received by April 30, 2015.

Picture for Website

“The Only Thing to Fear” by Sarah Coons

She heard the stomping of feet heading towards her room, but it was too late for any sort of reaction. With guilty eyes, she glanced up at her mother standing in the doorway of her bedroom.

“Helen, haven’t you finished dressing for bed yet?”

“Sorry, Mum,” she murmured, absently adjusting the apron on her favorite doll, who’d just a moment ago been hiding from the scary paper planes that flew overhead and dropped blocks from the ceiling.

Her mother sighed and quietly took the doll from her hands, gently caressing the yarn hair from the toy’s face. “Why do you make believe about the bombings?” she inquired softly. “Don’t you realize how dangerous they are?”
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