Doxa 5 Published

Nebraska Christian College is pleased to announce the release of 2014’s Doxa volume 5.  It features the fiction, poetry, essays, and artwork of undergraduate students from across the United States, and for the first time internationally from Jamaica. FromDoxa 5 the introduction:

This issue, as its cover illustrates, encourages us to look around us and see God’s glory in all His works.  God’s glory is resilient and irresistible.  Even in a crowded city we can look down and often see a flower or tuft of grass breaking up through the pavement.  Soil, capped by concrete, breaks through and begins again turning carbon dioxide into oxygen for God’s creatures, according to God’s plan.  In spite of human ineptitude, and sometimes human malevolence, God’s glory will win, as dandelions in sidewalks show!

Paperback copies of Doxa 5 are available for $10.  Please contact Dr. Bob Milliken at, or 402-935-9400.


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